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CDN & Caching

Our medium and above sites all come with our CDN. This means that your site will be entirely cached at locations nearest to your visitors. We typically see site load improvements of at least 10x in average.

Fun fact: We typically find that sites not hosted with us respond (TTFB) in around 600ms. Our average is 40ms.

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Best Practice & Configuration

We have tweaked and configured both PHP & Our webservers to serve requests as fast as we can. We identify the static assets on your site and we serve them from cache. We also identify slow PHP Requests and help you investigate issues and find solutions to poorly performing pages.

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Industry Leading Hardware

We invest heavily in having premium hardware to host all of our sites on. We only use NVME storage and the latest generation processors. This means that your site is always running on the latest and fastest hardware available.

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