Our Security

Learn how your site and your customers will be safe with us.

Threat Protection

Our medium and above sites all come with our WAF. We check hundreds of attributes against every incoming request to your site to check they are legitimate. This happens in nanoseconds. If our system believes that a visitor is not a genuine human or a good bot we put in place mechanisms to prove the user is genuine (i.e. a captcha). Only then we allow them on to your site, keeping your site safe.

Fun fact: We typically find that 40% of all traffic destined for a site is malicious.

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Wordpress Vulnerabilities

Almost all Wordpress sites have at least one vulnerability. Whilst we try and help you mitigate these from your application we have mechanisms in place to prevent users finding and exploiting these vulnerabilities. This means that even if you have an outdated plugin or theme we can still help protect you.

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Secure Infrastructure

All of our infrastructure is designed from the start with security in mind. Unlike cPanel and other popular hosting platforms that are used, we do not expose anything to the public other than port 80 and 443 (to allow visitor traffic). This means that there is no way for anyone other than an authorised user to gain access to your site. On top of that we offer protection to only allow access to the Wordpress admin console from specific locations.

Most attacks start from exposed services such as SSH, FTP and MySQL. Unlike most, we do not expose these to the public.

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