About Us

Who we are, where we come from and our mission.

Our Mission

What makes us different

At DragonHost we aim to provide companies and individuals a complete hands-off service where you can simply set & forget

We're a small company, that's what makes us great. There's no tiers to climb to get to techincal support that you critically need. Our aim is not to be like the large hosting corporations and stay close to our customers and our values.

  • Our customers and their sites are our foundation.
  • Security and Performance Comes first in all our Decisions.
  • Our service will always be scalable and easily recreatable.

We are one of the first companies offering a truly scalable and resillient hosting platform for Wordpress. We are always innovating and coming up with new ideas to improve our service.

We’re here to help

Our existing customers are always keenly surprised to find there are no limits to what we will help with. With dedicated chat channels to our engineers we're here to answer your questions and fix any issues.


Before founding DragonHost I helped numerous agencies setup a secure, fast and stable hosting environment for their customers. I founded DragonHost to give everyone an opportunity, big or small budgets to have a speedy and secure Wordpress hosting package.

Lloyd Owen

Founder & DevOps Engineer